Gateway Herpetology and Entemology Club

At Gateway Herpetology and Entomology Club, we seek to build and promote a diverse and united cooperative of hobbyists, professionals, and experts in herpetology and entomology to insure the continued growth, adaptation, development, and protection of the community and its animals. Through education initiatives we seek to spread knowledge and encourage the conservation of ecological systems and its fauna; promote modernized husbandry and propagation techniques to safeguard species globally; aid in the rehabilitation and, when necessary, facilitate the placement of animals into knowledgeable and experienced rescues; safeguard the laws and regulations pertaining to possession, propagation, and interstate commerce of herpeto/insect fauna; and to support the growth and development of all our peers through leadership and mentorship

We are a new club located in the Saint Louis, MO area, but welcome all to join us as we seek to expand and cultivate the hobby.


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Upcoming Meetings

As of now, all meetings will be online only. We will announce any upcoming meetings as soon as possible!

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Upcoming Events

Ales for Scales - November 8th, 2019