Gateway Herpetology and Entemology Club

At Gateway Herpetology and Entomology Club, we seek to build and promote a diverse and united cooperative of hobbyists, professionals, and experts in herpetology and entomology to insure the continued growth, adaptation, development, and protection of the community and its animals. Through education initiatives we seek to spread knowledge and encourage the conservation of ecological systems and its fauna; promote modernized husbandry and propagation techniques to safeguard species globally; aid in the rehabilitation and, when necessary, facilitate the placement of animals into knowledgeable and experienced rescues; safeguard the laws and regulations pertaining to possession, propagation, and interstate commerce of herpeto/insect fauna; and to support the growth and development of all our peers through leadership and mentorship


Reptiles and Amphibians are imperiled through much of the world. Each year numerous species wild populations become decimated by habitat destruction, indiscriminate killing, and illegal collection for the pet and traditional medicine trade. The Gateway Herpetology and Entomology Club is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of wild herps and their habitat and we are a champion for wildlife conservation. We are making a real difference for the wild animals we so love by:

  • By building relationships and collaborations with bonafide conservation organizations
  • Supporting field research and educational outreach locally and internationally
  • Fundraising for organizations that are in the field saving herps
  • Promoting ethically and legally sourced pets

Our conservation initiatives consist of the following: Conservation of Guatemalan Cloud Forest Herps We have been raising funds and building a partnership with a private preserve in the cloud forests of Guatemala to study and protect the wealth of endangered species that call the mountains home. This project has focused on the enigmatic yellow blotched palm Pitviper, Bothriechis aurifer, an endangered and beautiful highland specialist. So far we have begun initial surveying and capacity development with our colleagues in country to learn about population density of this species as well as others in the forest. We are also procuring equipment necessary for our colleagues to conduct this work safely and efficiently. To donate to this cause please get in touch with us!

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